What You Should Know About Adding A Gas Line For Your New Backyard Gas Fire Pit

Having a gas line installed for a back yard gas fire pit doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, once you know the basics.  Below you’ll find a link to a great article from one of our partner companies that lays out exactly what you should expect during the process.  It’s great information and we think will help you be at ease with the process.  This time of year, adding a gas fire pit is one of our most popular installs. The weather is getting better and people are thinking about all the summer and fall nights they will be spending with friends and family, why not contact us and let’s get you set up to have a great focal point in your back yard for those memory making evenings this summer. https://www.jandmservices.us/underground-gas-piping-for-a-firepit-the-basics/ 

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