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Portland OR Gas Plumbing – Gas Line Installation, Gas Line Service and Gas Line Repair

The edge we have over fully mechanical HVAC companies and generalized plumbers that also happen to offer basic gas piping services here in the Portland metro, is that we specialize in Gas Plumbing. Our knowledge and experience in the gas line installation & service industry is unmatched.  It’s those years of specialized knowledge and experience combined with top of the line gas piping installation tools & equipment that allows us to complete jobs faster and therefore offer a lower cost for our customers. No matter what gas plumbing service you require, from a new gas line installation to a gas leak repair on an existing gas pipe system, Portland Gas Piping and Ventilation will get the job done right, the first time, with as little disruption to your home or business as possible.

The Advantages We Have Over Our Competitors:

  • We are FULLY LICENSED for all types of Gas Plumbing Services, including Propane & Natural Gas Piping Services
  • We specialize in gas piping, therefore we have the specific training & skill sets to deal with any of your gas piping service needs
  • We only use the best tools in the industry, which ensures our rigid gas piping installation standards are met on every job we complete.
  • Most of our competitors utilize tri-stand pipe threading machines which not only require assembly and disassembly before and after every job, but also take longer to cut pipe threads during the job. Our Ridgid 300 Machines are on custom collapsible wheeled stands that allow us to setup and be threading pipe within minutes of arrival, and are also self-oiling which provides faster & consistently high quality pipe threads. Our work vans are uniquely outfitted to streamline the gas piping process & workflow. It simply takes us less time to begin and complete the job because it’s what we do.

Here are just few of the gas piping services we have been providing for our residential, light commercial and industrial clients in Portland OR and the Portland metro.

New Construction Gas Piping Services

Gas System Sizing & Design and Gas Line Installation for Your New Home’s Gas Appliance Demands

Professional gas line installation for all indoor gas appliances. Some of the most common gas appliances we often design and install gas lines for are; gas oven and/or gas range (gas line sized appropriately for Dual Fuel or Full Gas Oven), cooktop, dryer, “cadet” style heater, energy efficient gas furnace, standard water heater or the increasingly popular Tankless On Demand water heaters, fireplaces, and many other common household gas-powered appliances.

We can also help you design and plan for the not so common gas appliances. Gas Radiant Heaters, Indoor Pool & Hot Tub Heaters, Generator’s, custom Masonry Fireplace log sets with Key Valves, are just a few examples. Whatever your Gas Appliance needs may be, we can make sure your new gas system is designed to handle the BTU loads of all appliances.


Indoor Gas Line Installation

Indoor gas lines for your indoor gas appliance demands such as for your gas stove, gas range, gas cooktop, gas dryer, gas water heater, gas furnace or any other gas powered appliance.

Outdoor Gas Line Installation

Gas line installations for your outdoor recreational gas demands. Some examples include underground gas piping for gas fire pits, gas lines installed for outdoor fireplaces, gas fire features & torches, gas pool heaters, gas lines for BBQ grills with Quick Connect fittings for fast & easy winter storage, gas outdoor space heaters and more.

Especially here in the Pacific NW, overhead gas radiant heaters are one of our more popular outdoor gas line installations. We can help you design a gas system for your outdoor entertainment area that will allow you to entertain guests outside year round.


Existing Gas Line Plumbing Services

Gas Line Additions/Extension

Gas line additions or extensions are most often needed when you’re doing a gas appliance conversion or adding a new gas appliance to a location where none existed before.

Gas Line Rerouting

Gas line re-routing requests usually involve a homeowner who is doing a major remodel or renovation of their home and is changing the location of the existing appliances. Re-routing can also be needed for gas lines outside of the home, many times during a landscaping project or pool addition for instance there may be buried gas lines that need to be moved.

Gas Line Removal

 Gas line removal requests are few and far between, but in the case of home owners wanting to switch from gas to electric appliances we can remove the old gas line and cap off the gas service lines.

Gas Line Repair/Emergency Repairs

Emergency repair service requests often involve a gas leak. The best thing to do before you call us is to call NW Natural at 1-800-882-3377. They’ll come out and assess the situation and tag the leak if there is one. Then you call us, we’ll come out and fix whatever problem they have found.  Gas leaks can be dangerous, if you think you have a gas leak do not call from your location, get outside and call NW Natural from there.


Up to Date Gas Piping Code and Standards

Our non-residential and residential new construction gas line installation service always follows the current building codes and industry standards. We make sure that our gas line installation in your home or business is 100% correct and safe.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to request information regarding specific gas piping services not mentioned in our list as long as it involves gas piping, call Portland Gas Piping and Ventilation today. Call us now at 503.395.4997. You can also message us using the form provided.

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